Mobile Technology Meets the Hospitality Industry

Mobile technology is popping up all over the place… and with good reason. With a higher and higher increase in global mobile penetration, it’s easy to imagine why the technology is being developed to match the need. People love their cell phones – no devices are more closely attached to them than their mobile devices. This technology is being used in a variety of sectors, not least of all being the hospitality industry. By implementing mobile technology into this competitive industry, the industry will be able to be run more smoothly and with greater efficiency. Here are some ways by which mobile technology can be used to run a hospitality service more efficiently.

Mobile-Friendly Websites

A key part of mobile technology involves mobile-friendly websites. With the growing ubiquity of smartphones, it seems obvious that websites need to be able to handle this new avenue by which people are accessing the Internet. Studies have shown that approximately 25% of Internet users are mobile-only users. With an incredible statistic like that, it would be naïve to assume that managers in the hospitality industry don’t need to incorporate mobile-friendly versions into their preexisting websites.

Your mobile website should also be easily changeable. This can now be achieved with the advent of the Smartsite. Smartsites are capable of being changed in a matter of minutes. This is essential in the hospitality industry – if you need to change information about suites, restaurant listings, availability, etc., you’ll need to have a website that is both flexible and versatile.

Specialty QR Codes

Arguably the most important piece of technology that is relevant to the mobile industry is QR codes. QR codes, most simply, bring a potential customer to a website landing page. While a simple QR code can go a long way, specialty QR codes are especially relevant when it comes to the hospitality industry. The opportunities are truly endless. You can show off your hotel with Tag2video codes – codes that display a video right on a user’s cell phone when scanned – or even place QR codes in guests’ rooms that can be used to order room service. The technology of QR codes is quite sophisticated, despite being simple in concept; it uses a simple idea to fulfill a multitude of tasks, making this technology a key asset to the hospitality industry.

What’s the bottom line? Mobile technology can help the hospitality industry run smoother. By taking advantage of QR technology and mobile websites, hotel managers and other people in the hospitality sector can ensure that they are running their businesses as effective as possible. The technology is there, and it’s up to people to use these products to create a more efficient method of doing things.

Don’t get left behind. If you’re involved in the hospitality industry, make sure that you are staying up-to-date on the latest and greatest pieces of technology. The future is going mobile, and your business should be too. Consider implementing smart and innovative mobile technology today.

Chris Jenkin, chief executive officer of Gotcha! Mobile Solutions, has always shown a key sense of business intelligence and an unmatched ambition for success. Studying at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Jenkin has been an entrepreneur since college, always looking to dedicate himself to bigger and better ventures.

He is also connected with more than 25 associations and has over 10 awards and accolades for his entrepreneurial and business acumen. Jenkin’s latest construction, Gotcha! Mobile Solutions, provides cutting-edge mobile marketing technology that rides the waves of the future. Gotcha! sells by way of promotional products distributors, and provides innovative mobile solutions including mobile messaging, QR code technology, mobile Smartsites and smartphone app development.

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